About us

Introduction to Orteq® Sports Medicine

Orteq® Sports Medicine (Orteq) is a rapidly growing medical device company established in late 2005 to commercialize repair solutions for orthopaedics/sports injuries using its proprietary polymer platform. Orteq®’s first product, Actifit®, a proprietary biodegradable, biocompatible scaffold, was developed specifically to address one of the largest unmet needs in Sports Medicine, repair of the over 1.5 million otherwise irreparable meniscus tears. The Actifit® implant was engineered to support in-growth and regeneration of new tissue in the meniscus, a fibrocartilage cushion in the knee critical to cartilage protection and overall joint health.

Orteq® has identified other large potential sports medicine repair applications for its polymer platform and will continue this development work now that we can safely broaden our focus past the largest meniscus opportunity given Actifit®’s emerging acceptance in the surgical community.

Actifit® was developed in conjunction with some of the world’s leading orthopedic sports/medicine surgeons. Made from our unique polymer, Actifit® is the first biodegradable, synthetic scaffold, designed to help repair meniscal tears. Actifit® is safe, tough and extremely easy to handle in surgery.

A meniscus tear is normally repaired by the removal of the torn or damaged tissue via a partial meniscectomy. This can be effective in the short term but often it only gives temporary pain relief. In many cases the pain returns in time due to the loss of meniscal tissue and the cushioning function provided by a healthy meniscus. Over a longer period there is overwhelming evidence that degenerative changes occur, which, if left untreated, can lead to articular cartilage damage, the onset of osteoarthritis and eventually a total knee replacement.

Actifit® is a honeycomb scaffold that enables blood to flow through it and provide an anchor for new cellular in-growth as the body’s natural healing process takes place. Once the damaged section of the meniscus has been cut away and the meniscus resected to an area with good blood supply, the Actifit® implant is cut to size and stitched into place. Over time, the new cellular in-growth matures into new meniscus like tissue. This will help restore the cushioning function of the meniscus and delay the onset of osteoarthritis.

Our mission with Actifit® is to reduce patients’ pain and return them to a quality of life that is the same, or similar, to that enjoyed before their meniscus tear.