Board of Directors

David W Anderson – Chairman and CEO

Mr Anderson has been a successful entrepreneur in the orthopaedic medical device field for over 20 years. He has led four orthopaedic organizations; Osteotech (Executive VP), Bionx Implants (CEO), Replication Medical (Founder and Director), and Gentis (CEO). Mr. Anderson was a founder of Osteotech and was the founder and CEO of Bionx Implants which he grew through over 60 product approvals to over $20 million in sales in less than three years. He was also part of the team that created Integra LifeSciences and was an active member of the Board of Directors of Replication Medical. He has raised over $150 million in venture capital, taken a company through the IPO route onto NASDAQ, and has been a part of multiple M&A transactions.

Richard Lyman – Non Executive Director

Mr Lyman is a Managing Director of Oakes, Lyman & Co. Limited. Additionally, in his corporate career he was President of Squibb’s Medical Systems International Group. In his career in venture capital he formed a number of start-up companies including Biotechnology General Inc. (where he was Chairman and CEO), Life Technologies – now Invitrogen Corporation (Chairman and CEO), Medimmune Inc (Director), Genetic Therapy Inc. (Chairman), Osteotech Inc. (Chairman) and Quadrant Healthcare plc (Chairman and CEO).

Howard Miller – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director

Howard’s background is in life science finance and research. From 2000 to 2007, Howard was a Life Science Equity Analyst at UK broker Teather& Greenwood, becoming Head of Research in 2004. During this period, Howard worked on the flotation’s of a number of life science companies and provided equity research on UK listed large and small cap medical businesses. In 2007, Howard joined Oakes, Lyman & Co. Limited, working with their portfolio of private medical device companies, including CellCoTec, on financing and strategy. He was appointed Acting CFO of CellCoTec in 2009 and joined the company full time as Chief Financial Officer in 2010.