Orteq® Sports Medicine Ltd is headquartered in London, UK and the New York, US and was established to develop and commercialize products using it’s proprietary polymer technology platform.

Orteq® as developed ts first product Actifit®, a biodegradable, polymer scaffold, especially designed to promote new tissue growth in damaged areas of the meniscus that are irreparable.

The creation of a scaffold for effective meniscus repair was the original goal of a polymer program developed in the mid-1970’s in a collaboration between Professor Rene Veth, MD, Ph.D., then Chairman of the Orthopaedic Surgery Department at the Groningen University Hospital, Groningen, Netherlands, and Professor Albert Pennings, Ph.D., then Professor in the Polymer Chemistry Department at Groningen University. The concepts behind the optimum polymer and scaffold fabrications were conceived and developed by Professor Pennings who is world-renowned for contributions to polymer science. The latest version of the scaffold has now been developed into the Actifit product.

On July 7th 2017, Orteq was acquired by Saratoga Partners LLC