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Q: What are the symptoms of a meniscal tear?
A: Normally Knee Pain, locking of the joint

Q:  How can I distinguish meniscal injuries from other types of knee injury?
A: Consult with your local sports medicine surgeon, who will examine the injury and provide the appropriate diagnosis.

Q: Are people with an active lifestyle more susceptible to meniscal injuries?
A: A Not necessarily, the injury could occur over time i.e a slow degeneration of the injury.

Q: Once I have been treated, how often will I need to be checked?
A:This is up to the surgeon

Q: How long is the rehabilitation process?
A:3 weeks non weight bearing then gradual increase in exercises,

Q: Will I able to play sport as I was doing before?

A:Yes subject to following the rehabilitation protocol

Q: What happens if I don’t get treated?
A:Pain will remain

Q: Where can I get treated?
A:In each country that Actifit has been launched in there are a number of surgeons who have been trained in the Actifit procedure. See the find a surgeon section on the website.

Q: Is the procedure painful?
A:It is no different to a normal arthrocopsic ( keyhole ) procedure

Q: Which are the dangers of being treated by Actifit?

A:None other than for a normal arthroscopic ( keyhole) surgical procedure

Q: Are there side effects?
A:None that have been reported to date in the clinical study.

Q: Is it possible for body to reject the scaffold?
A:Actifit is safe and no issues have been reported in the clinical study to date.

Q: What happens to the implant?
A:The implant slowly degrades over time and is replaced by meniscus like tissue.

Q: Is the implant permanent?

A:No, Actifit slowly degrades over time.

Q: Is this a permanent solution to a meniscal tear?
A:It is too early to say, the Clinical results are promising and the patients in the clinical study will be followed over the coming years and the results published appropriately.

Q: What other options are available to me?
A:This is dependent on the surgical diagnosis of your injury.

Q: Will this implant conflict with my religion?
A:No Actifit is made from a completely synthetic polymer.

Q: Will I still be able to bend my knee?
A:Once the rehabilitation protocol has been followed, full knee function should be restored

Q: Is the implant available on the NHS?
A:Not yet, Orteq is in discussion with the public health systems in each country to enable reimbursement.

Q: Is the implant available on BUPA or private health cover?
A:Not with every insurer, please check with Orteq or each of its partners.