Actifit® is a honeycomb scaffold that enables blood to flow through it and provide an anchor for new cellular in-growth as the body’s natural healing process takes place. Once the damaged section of the meniscus has been cut away and the meniscus resected to an area with good blood supply, the Actifit® implant is cut to size and stitched into place. Over time, the new cellular in-growth matures into new meniscus like tissue. This will help restore the cushioning function of the meniscus and delay the onset of osteoarthritis.

Clinical results

Actifit’s® one year clinical results have been published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Its two year results have been submitted to the European knee journal KSSTA and publication is planned for late 2011. The 2 year results have been accepted for presentation at various sports medicine/arthroscopic meetings across the globe. For full clinical presentation program, click here.

Click here to link to the AJSM website to see the Actifit two year results abstract.