How Actifit® works

Actifit® is a resilient, flexible, highly porous, biodegradable and biocompatible synthetic scaffold. It is a honeycomb like structure, through which blood vessels can rapidly grow. The blood transports cartilage repair cells and other nutrients that initiate the growth of new meniscus-like tissue.

With Actifit®, patients can enjoy a reduction of pain through a single surgical procedure. Over time, the new meniscus-like tissue grown through Actifit®, will increase patients’ chances of a future free from pain, loss of mobility, cartilage damage and further degeneration that normally leads to osteoarthritis and total knee replacement.

The pre-clinical and clinical studies show the new polymer material to be safe and effective. It has the ability to promote robust, cellular in-growth of new meniscus-like tissue. Human clinical trials have shown significant pain reduction and very promising results with regard to quality of life and a return to pre-injury activity levels.

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