cartilage repair
in one surgery

Orteq Sports Medicine

Pain in your knee joint can often point to damage in your articular cartilage.

Damaged articular cartilage does not heal by itself and could deteriorate to severe cartilage defects. To truly repair articular cartilage you need chondrocytes, your body’s own cartilage cells.

CartiONE is the first cartilage repair technology that makes use of the patient’s own chondrocytes in a single surgery to initiate cartilage repair.

How it works
Single surgery

Take cartilage and bone marrow biopsies
Step 1

Take cartilage and bone marrow biopsies

Prepare and implant CartiONE cell mix
Step 2

Prepare and implant CartiONE cell mix

Regrow cartilage in  your knee
Step 3

Regrow cartilage in your knee


  • SINGLE SURGERY open/close

      • Cell Mix is prepared in one hour thanks to our patented Rapid Chondrocyte Isolation
      • No second implantation surgery required (in contrast to traditional ACI)
      • No cell culturing

      • Cells are not exposed to laboratory conditions which may reduce their effectiveness. Instead, they are implanted fresh.
      • Your own cells: no risk of disease transfer or rejection

      • Chondrocytes are mixed with cells from the bone marrow
      • The cell combination boosts cartilage production
      • No external growth factors required
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CartiONE technology is currently being performed in selected centres in Europe and UK.

Over 1.2 million articular cartilage injuries occur annually in the U.S. and Europe. These cartilage injuries can degenerate into more severe cartilage defects. Patients suffering from knee pain and functional impairment may result in a decrease in quality of life and could eventually require a total knee replacement – if untreated.

Clinical outcomes of the first 40 patients treated with CartiONE within the INSTRUCT trial were published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine in May 2020.

Joint Preservation Solutions for Orthopaedics

Every year there are more than 1,500,000 meniscectomies and 630,000 total knee replacements performed in the US and Europe. Partial meniscectomy outcomes can be drastically improved by using Actifit to fill the defect, especially if you are experiencing knee symptoms following a prior meniscus surgery. Our goals are to delay or prevent total knee replacement by saving the meniscus.

At Orteq, we create unique joint preservation solutions for orthopaedic/sports medicine surgeons that encourage a patient’s own natural healing process. Our products offer an innovative regenerative medicine approach to soft tissue defects in joints for patients suffering from injury or degeneration.