Publication date 2010 - Basic Science
Brophy R, Deng XH, Doty SB, Foo LF, Maher SA., Potter H, Rodeo SA, Rosenblatt L, Turner AS, Warren RF, Wright TM

Evaluation of a porous polyurethane scaffold in a partial meniscal defect ovine model.

Our study has shown that implantation of a polyurethane scaffold in
a partial meniscectomy ovine model promotes tissue ingrowth without damaging the
cartilage with which it articulates.
CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Meniscal deficiency is a common occurrence, the effective
clinical management of which is limited by the absence of an off-the-shelf
implantable construct.

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2021 - Clinical Study

A comparison between Polyurethane and Collagen Meniscal Scaffold for Partial Meniscal Defects: Similar positive clinical results at a mean of 10-Years of Follow-up.

Filardo G, Grassi A, Lucidi GA, Poggi A, Reale D, Zaffagnini S
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2003 - Basic Science

A porous polymer scaffold for meniscal lesion repair–a study in dogs.

Buma P, de Groot JH, Heijkants RG, Pennings AJ., Tienen TG, Veth RP
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