Publication date 1996 - Basic Science
de Groot JH, Jansen HW, Klompmaker J, Nielsen HK, Pennings AJ., Veth RP

Meniscal replacement using a porous polymer prosthesis: a preliminary study in the dog.

A porous polyurethane prosthesis was used to replace the lateral meniscus in the
dog. After an initial ingrowth of fibrous tissue, the prostheses became filled
with tissue strongly resembling normal meniscal fibrocartilage. Although less
severe than seen after total meniscectomy, cartilage degeneration was frequent,
possibly because tissue ingrowth in the prostheses occurred too slowly. Porous
polymers can be useful for replacement of the meniscus, provided that chemical
and physical properties are optimized.

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2021 - Clinical Study

A comparison between Polyurethane and Collagen Meniscal Scaffold for Partial Meniscal Defects: Similar positive clinical results at a mean of 10-Years of Follow-up.

Filardo G, Grassi A, Lucidi GA, Poggi A, Reale D, Zaffagnini S
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2003 - Basic Science

A porous polymer scaffold for meniscal lesion repair–a study in dogs.

Buma P, de Groot JH, Heijkants RG, Pennings AJ., Tienen TG, Veth RP
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