Orteq® Sports Medicine (OSM) is a rapidly growing medical device company and a world leader in the field of biodegradable polymer technology.

We create innovative healthcare products for the arthroscopic sports medicine surgeon that encourage the body’s own natural healing process. Our products help to facilitate the in-growth of new tissue in areas of the body where damaged tissue cannot regenerate.

Our first product, Actifit® has been specifically designed to help surgeons repair the meniscus through key-hole (arthroscopic) surgery. Actifit® is implanted into the meniscal defect and as the damaged meniscal tissue heals Actifit® gradually dissolves and is removed naturally from the body.

One of orthopaedic sports medicine’s biggest problems is repairing a damaged meniscus. Each year, there are about 1.5 million cases of meniscal tears in Western Europe and the United States. Actifit®, our new meniscus repair product addresses this substantial unmet medical need.
Actifit® received its CE Mark in 2008 and is now available across Europe.

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Actifit® patient story

Olga Sazhina talks about her surgery. Watch the video.