Publication date 2012 - Clinical Study
Carmont MR, Dhillon MS, Saithna A, Spalding T., Spencer SJ, Thompson P

Meniscal scaffolds: early experience and review of the literature.

Treatment with meniscal scaffold implants can provide good pain
relief for the post-meniscectomy knee following partial meniscectomy. Longer
follow-up is required to ascertain whether they also prevent the progressive
chondral wear associated with a post-meniscectomy knee.

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2021 - Clinical Study

A comparison between Polyurethane and Collagen Meniscal Scaffold for Partial Meniscal Defects: Similar positive clinical results at a mean of 10-Years of Follow-up.

Filardo G, Grassi A, Lucidi GA, Poggi A, Reale D, Zaffagnini S
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2003 - Basic Science

A porous polymer scaffold for meniscal lesion repair–a study in dogs.

Buma P, de Groot JH, Heijkants RG, Pennings AJ., Tienen TG, Veth RP
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