Publication date 2017 - Clinical Study
Filardo G, Kon E, Perdisa F, Sessa A, Di Martino A, Busacca M, Zaffagnini S, Marcacci M.

Polyurethane-based cell-free scaffold for the treatment of painful partial meniscus loss.

The present study reports satisfactory clinical outcomes at mid-term
follow-up after polyurethane-based meniscal cell-free scaffold implantation. The
treatment was effective both in cases of isolated partial meniscal lesions and in
complex cases requiring the combination with other surgical procedures. On the
other hand, a high rate of altered MRI aspects was documented. However, no
correlation was found between the altered imaging parameters and the overall
positive clinical findings, thus supporting the use of this procedure to treat
painful partial meniscus loss.

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2021 - Clinical Study

A comparison between Polyurethane and Collagen Meniscal Scaffold for Partial Meniscal Defects: Similar positive clinical results at a mean of 10-Years of Follow-up.

Filardo G, Grassi A, Lucidi GA, Poggi A, Reale D, Zaffagnini S
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2003 - Basic Science

A porous polymer scaffold for meniscal lesion repair–a study in dogs.

Buma P, de Groot JH, Heijkants RG, Pennings AJ., Tienen TG, Veth RP
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