Publication date 2024 - Review
van Minnen B.S., van Tienen TG

The Current State of Meniscus Replacements

Purpose of Review The field of meniscus replacement is changing continuously, with new devices emerging and others disappearing from the market. With the current tendency to preserve the knee joint, meniscus implants may become more relevant than ever. The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the current state of partial and total meniscus replacements that have been developed beyond the academic phase. The available clinical and pre-clinical data is evaluated, and omissions are identifed.
Recent Findings Recent systematic reviews have shown a lack of homogenous clinical data on the CMI and Actift meniscal scaffolds, especially regarding long-term performance without concomitant surgical interventions. Clinical studies on the medial total meniscus prostheses NUsurface and Artimis are ongoing, with the NUsurface being several years ahead.
New techniques for meniscus replacement are rapidly developing, including the Artimis lateral meniscus prosthesis and the MeniscoFix 3D-printed scaffold.
Summary All evaluated clinical studies point towards improved clinical outcomes after implantation of partial and total meniscus replacements. Long-term data on survival and performance is of low quality for CMI and Actift and is unavailable yet for NUsurface and Artimis. It is of major importance that future research focuses on optimizing fixation methods and identifying the optimal treatment strategy for each patient group. New techniques for total and partial replacement of the medial and lateral meniscus will be followed with interest.

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